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LCCI International Qualifications, UK has conducted international examinations for over 100 years in over 100 countries worldwide with over 8,000 training centre around the world. LCCI is one of the UK's largest international providers of vocational qualifications with more than 500,000 exam entries every year. LCCI's qualifications assess the practical skills and knowledge that are needed to succeed in business and commerce. They are recognized by universities, professional bodies and most importantly by market today. These qualifications meet the needs of the business community and are thus passports to employment.

SEDAMAI College has been appointed by LCCI to be its worldwide Registered Training Centre since 2000. For the past 12 years, SEDAMAI has conducted over 50 batches of various courses with over 700 students has attended the course succesfully. SEDAMAI's students scored high passing rates and they are highly capable in job market.
In fact, in Series 4 Examination 2006, one of our students, Madam Usun Lah was awarded World Gold Award for her excellent performance for Business Administration Level 1.

Madam Usun Lah receiving the LCCI World Gold Award

The followings are the LCCI, UK courses offered by SEDAMAI College.
  Diploma Duration
1 Diploma in Accounting 6 months
2 Diploma in Business Administration 12 months
3 Diploma in Marketing 12 months
4 Diploma in Secretarial Administration 12 months

May / November

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