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SEDAMAI College is formerly known as SEDAMAI Institute of Technology, was established on November 1999. SEDAMAI College is the first higher education institution in Bintulu, Sarawak. The college has committed to provide quality education to students from Sarawak, Sabah, Peninsula as well from the overseas like Pakistan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Korea, China, Mali, Russia and Australia.

SEDAMAI College offers a variety of programs either full-time or part-time at certificate and diploma levels. Besides the internal certificate, diploma and master level program, SEDAMAI is also conducting the external examination board program by LCCI (United Kingdom), ABE (United Kingdom), IMIS (United Kingdom), NCC (United Kingdom) and UBS (Malaysia).

The graduates of SEDAMAI College are highly acceptable in the local and international job market. They are capable in handling their tasks and duties well. This has proven the effectiveness of our syllabuses which are well designed to meet the job market demand and the teaching are conducted in the most practical approaches.

SEDAMAI College is recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia.
About Us

SEDAMAI College, No. 197, Parkcity Commerce Square, 97000 Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia Tel: +6 013 8338328. Email:

 SEDAMAI College